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Wurth Screws

A$0.08 - A$82.44
These WURTH wood screws combined with the RW bit are the best to install climbing holds with ease. Many climbing centres in Australia, Europe, Asia, etc... have been using these screws in recent years and there is no going back!

The bit fits perfectly in the drive, ensuring a higher level of stability and precise positioning during the screwing process. Most importantly, screwing can be carried out much easier with one hand than most other types of wood screws. These save considerable time and energy to setters who already have to deal with balancing themselves on ladders and ropes.

Technical specification:
Head Diameter (D): 4mm or 4.5mm
Length (L): choose below
Head type: Countersunk milling pocket head
Internal drive: RW20
Thread type: Wood screw thread
Core diameter: 2.5mm
Material: Hardened steel
Surface: Zinc plated
Colour: Silver

Shipped to Australia / local pick up (Perth Metro area) within 1-5 days (depending on stock on hand).

Thanks for supporting Australian made climbing holds - everytime you support TNUT Climbing, you support at least 1/2 dozen other Australian businesses.

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