3/8" Countersunk Bolts

3/8" Countersunk Bolts

0.52 - 0.62
3/8" Imperial COUNTERSUNK bolts UNC (Black) of various length:
1" 1/4 bolts 31.75mm
1" 1/2 bolts 38.1mm

You will need a 7/32" allen key to tighten these countersunk bolts. Countersunk bolts are only required for certain type of small climbing holds. You won't need those bolts for any TNUT holds.

Please, email remi@tnut.com.au if you need other sizes.

Shipped to Australia / local pick up (Perth Metro area) within 2-3 days.

TIP: Save 3% by emailing your order sheet to remi@tnut.com.au
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